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Interview with Polish street artist NeSpoon: "I’ve never liked laces. Before I started working with them, I thought lace was something old-fashioned, from a grandmother’s dusty apartment. Today it seems to me that in every lace there is a universal

Interview with Roman paste-up artist LAIKA MCMLIV: "The street is the largest art gallery in the world, the most democratic, the most immediate and direct. Street art manages to portray the world in an almost instantaneous way, often synthesizing concepts

Interview with French street artist Zelda Bomba: "I would like art to be as much a part of everyday life as a newscast or a coffee at the bar, something democratic, accessible to everyone, close at hand."

Interview with Florentine street artist C_SKA: "I was not born an artist, and maybe I’m not even an artist. I am a person who is curious about the world, about people, places and how ideas can enter into a