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Interview with the Tuscan graffiti crew: "The role of urban art is fundamental to convey positive and proactive messages, of change and a sense of belonging to a society that needs the attention of each of us to improve.

Interview with Florentine artist MONOGRAFF: "In summary, I look for inspiration in those who are able to create interventions that have a real link with the place, who do not allow their works to be exploited by advertising or institutions,

Interview with Marco Mantovani, artistic director of Stradedarts and organizer of the festival Quattordio Urban Art, as well as a pioneer of the Milanese graffiti writing scene, who has been active on the streets since 1988 under the name KayOne:

Interview with urban photographer Elisabetta Riccio: "My idea of urban space is that of a plant that continually loses old leaves to give birth to new ones; my photography documents this transformation with rigour, intimacy, and sentiment."

Interview with Florentine street artist C_SKA: "I was not born an artist, and maybe I’m not even an artist. I am a person who is curious about the world, about people, places and how ideas can enter into a