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Interview with French graffiti writer Lady K: "Rather than shock, I would like to lead people to think that a more direct democracy would be much more beneficial for everyone. We could have a symbiotic type of political philosophy where

Interview with the Viennese urban artist Manuel Skirl: "I think I first had to show myself and others that I could put just as good graffiti on the streets as everyone else, and then realize that I actually wanted to

Interview with the Berlin artist OKSE 126 / CMYK Dots: "Street art for me is working on the street, in the form of paste-ups, stencils, installations, and other creative ways to transform urban space. When I go to a gallery

Interview with the Argentinian artist Caro Pepe: "I present to my viewers my most essential truth, almost like a confession of who I am and how I feel. With that, I intend to be the trigger, to stimulate self-reflection, to

Interview with the Tuscan graffiti crew: "The role of urban art is fundamental to convey positive and proactive messages, of change and a sense of belonging to a society that needs the attention of each of us to improve.

Interview with the Iranian street artist MAD: "I think art can take the form of protest, addressing political and social issues with direct action. Art can connect you to your senses, body, and mind. It can make people sympathize with

Interview with Spanish urban artist Mikel Remak: "I think my works tell of a search. A search that is not always clear or evident. A relationship between the spiritual and the earthly. An invitation to travel through abstract landscapes."

Interview with Antonino Perrotta about Diamante Murales 40: "I think that the figure of the urban curator is essential for the synthesis of these projects. It is a professional figure that is still not recognized and not fully formed because

Interview with Dutch urban artist GOMAD: "As an artist you always keep developing and renewing your style. The realism and surrealism is always part of my work: realism with the way I paint my eyes, portraits, flowers, and birds, and